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Here Are Some Of Our Young Peoples Feedback

The 1st day I met Helen was now an embarressing day I egged throw stones and targeted her house her husband cane out as kids this was a laugh we ran into the park opposite her house as it was dark we thought we was invisible but her husband found us behind some bushes expecting to be shouted and in trouble he actually wasn’t he said come on kids no need for this and spoke to us nicely was strange at 1st as we expected trouble but we didn’t get that but a kinda understanding he was a youth worker and said we could go to youth clubs he knew through summer we was happy and ended up becoming great friends the next day I met Helen who spoke to me for a long time which ended up me going round to her house nearly every night to talk to her or if I ever needed anything she would invite me make nice food watch TV play games and just someone to talk to who I in eventually I trusted I felt welcome and cared for I felt safe and it was just like a family home a routine everyday I was there sometimes I thought they would get fed up of me knocking on door all time but the door would just be open for me after years of not been wanted fro om m y own family I got a mother bound from Helen which was greater then my own the support help listening and just the time and stress I gave her she never once give up on me she treat me like her own child and I loved it am 30 years old now and we still in touch and the same as when I was younger she also puts me in the right path when I think it wrong Helen is not just a friend who helped me she’s like a second mum and always will be