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Solo Independent Living –
Is It For Me?

S.I.L believe that by working together; providing a safe, stable, stimulating & nurturing environment for young people would achieve a smoother transition into full independent living.

A team of fully trained, skilled & experienced staff that are dedicated to providing an excellent support network that understand that by giving calm, orderly & consistent support, that young people with behavioural, emotional or social difficulties will thrive.

As a company we strongly believe that young people respond positively in an environment that people genuinely care about their welfare & ensure support is given to best meet their individual needs.



S.I.L uses a holistic approach, supporting and nurturing young people in their care and significant others within their community, working closely with all multi agencies to provide a steppingstone for their transition into Adulthood, and to reach their full potential.


S.I.L believes that each and every child has a right to education (SEN) “Special Educational Needs”

We recognize that young people may have issues that can affect their learning ability.

Education is the main driving force in changing behaviour and future development.

We offer tailor made tuition which covers academic, creative and outdoor pursuits to challenge a young person both physically and mentally.


S.I.L recognizes the rise in mental health in young people, and are actually supporting and empowering young people through these challenges.

By providing counselling services to our young people who need it, and support them through their journey.

Our ethos is “we hear you”, “we see you”.

Every young person has a voice and is an individual.


We are an equal opportunity employer.

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